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about our ontario cleaning company

Cleaning Central has been servicing companies of all sizes throughout the Greater Toronto Area and across Southern Ontario for over 20 years.

Prior to founding Cleaning Central in 1995, Robert Palmer was a floor cleaning and care expert whoAi??cleaned and maintained large commercial and industrial spaces like Dupont and Glaxo in Mississauga.

From working for these large companies, Rob decided to start his own full service commercial cleaning company that included janitorial services along with his flooring expertise.

Through a combination of Rob’s hard work, attention to fine detail and his friendly and accommodating manner, Cleaning Central quickly built a reputation for impeccable quality and excellent customer service.

Are you looking for superior cleaning services in Toronto and surrounding region? Contact Cleaning Central for unparalleled cleaning solutions.

what people are saying

why choose our cleaning company

There are usually only a couple of reasons people switch cleaning companies. Either they arenai??i??t completely satisfied with their work, or they are looking for a competitive quote to save some money.

The fact that we inspect and audit our work is another reason we have grown our diverse list of customers.
What sets us apart from most cleaning companies are these 3 things:

Quality labour icon

Quality labour

Our people stay with us for years. This is a benefit to you because it allows for trust and consistency. Our cleaning checklist starts as a guide and quickly becomes a ai???bibleai??i?? as ourAi??janitors become familiar with the facility. We donai??i??t have to rehire and retrain our labour force very often, unlike other cleaning companies that have high turnover.

We also provide:

  • Skillful and trained individuals
  • Onsite supervision
  • Insurance coverage including employee liability, employer liability and public liability
  • Police checks as required

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Cleaning Central invests in new cleaning equipment and tools of the trade with every new startup so that the job can be done right. Our network of partners for supplies and equipment are worldwideAi??experts whoAi??consult with us at each location so we have exactly what we need to take care of your facility.

Quality control icon

Quality control

Cleaning Central places a great emphasis on the management and supervision of its entire contract in order to maintain the very highest standard of cleaning.

  • Train and motivate our janitorial staff
  • Have an onsite supervisor
  • Have an area manager visit the site weekly and work with the regular crew
  • Senior management inspects and audits all of our locations several times each month to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied

Reliable. 24-7.

Cleaning Central offers competitive wages, which minimizes turnover. As a direct result, you will experience consistent and efficient cleaning services. Our Managers follow-up and visit the site regularly to ensure all work is carried out to the high standards our customers expect.